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Plant & Process

The flexibility and features of our platform provide endless possibilities for use in all manufacturing and plant & process asset life stages. Watch our demo for the platform in action, or go deeper to see how Nextspace digital twins can add value at every stage.

Strategy & planning

Make faster, better, collaborative decisions for resource optimization and shared understanding before a single part is ordered, or contractor booked.

Save money and time

No need for your people to travel from different regions for IRL reporting and collaboration. Do this remotely and in less time via your digital twin.

Make better financial decisions

Showing cause and effect in a Nextspace digital twin makes needs and opportunities much easier to quantify and demonstrate to key stakeholders for budget approval.

Retain the systems, applications and software you value

Because Nextspace’s platform is data agnostic, it will amalgamate the data from systems which are working well for you already, like Aveva and Hexagon Smart Plant.

Reduce time to market

And development costs by making faster, better decisions.

Easily transition from hard copy habits

Upload any "paper" documentation into Nextspace, relevant to each part of the asset. Use your imagination—you can upload anything from videos to work orders to user guides or manuals.

Design & build

Adapt to design and build challenges as they arise, and plan ahead for optimal positioning and land use by layering in all the data you need for informed decisions.

Give customers or stakeholders access to the model with a web link

They can view on any device. Help them make informed decisions quickly by modeling proposed design or build pivots, or pointing out hazards.

Visit all of your locations without leaving your desk

Go from plant to port, across seas and over land with the ability to go from a birdseye satellite view down to a single valve. No travel time, no need for a hard hat.

Safety first

Identify flows through an area or water hazards as you carry out construction using point clouds in LIDAR.

Reduce overall environmental impact

By avoiding real-world prototype wastage.

Get your positioning right before you build a thing

Choose from a range of data types for visual context, by using point clouds, photogrammetry or region-specific base maps. Layer them up for further precision.

Stay on the right side of the sun

Apply data to show you shade levels at all times of the day so you can optimize natural light, or appropriately position equipment that should stay out of the sunlight.


Use the power of visualization to provide a map of your maintenance needs. Contextual documentation, work orders and videos accessible with a browser link provide the precise how-to for your workforce.

Save time and minimize errors

Accurately guide your team to the exact thing you need them to look at.

Never miss a maintenance check again

Color-code your assets according to your maintenance schedule to optimize the use of time and key resources.

Optimize equipment replacements or upgrades

By mapping your plant right down to the parts it's made up of.

See levels of detail as if you were there

Like the inside of pipes. Pull apart components inside of machinery without so much as a screwdriver.

Federate twins

So any parts which need replacing in multiple locations can be easily identified. Pair multiple parameters, like matching soil acidity to a specific type of pipe composition.

Efficient and effective inspection

Inspectors, planners, corrosion analysts, and analysts can dynamically visualize and contextualize data for daily inspection activities.

Easily identify risks

Present RBI results by colorizing your digital twin to highlight high, medium and low risk equipment for efficient planning and communication.


Instantly understand supply chain implications when the unexpected happens, intercept issues with predictive maintenance, train your people remotely, and raise awareness of hazards and health and safety watch-outs.

Reduce downtime

With predictive maintenance—get into action before breakdowns happen by keeping a close eye on fill levels on tanks and temperature of pipes.

Optimize your supply chain

Apply relationships to all supply chain touchpoints to easily and quickly identify up– or downstream supply chain issues, directly from their source.

Remotely troubleshoot

Your equipment regardless of geographical location.

Manage and optimize your fleet

Map optimal journeys for your workers on the road by type of materials being transported, type of vehicle, type of terrain.

Contextualize work orders

All-team access to work orders specific to a part or piece of equipment in your plant, with documentation accessed in the web viewer on a worker’s phone or tablet, or in a one-click download.

Improve team collaboration

All members can make results-based decisions on a shared visual view rather than relying on varying levels of competence with 2D drawings and other technical documentation.

Keep your people safe

Use your twin to mark hazards or areas where special equipment or protective gear are needed.

Onboard new staff off-site

Use your digital twin as an orientation tool for onboarding.

Run easy and safe training

Ready your people for critical or dangerous plant operations by training them via your digital twin for real world readiness.

Decommission & repurpose

Stay on side with legal and operational requirements at asset end-of-life, and easily spot opportunities for recovery and re-use of parts and materials for sustainability.

Safely and sustainably decommission

Plan and simulate for safe, efficient and sustainable dismantling and disposal.

Recycle and recover

Use your data to determine asset composition, design and suitability for re-use.

Balance sheet data at the ready

Use your twin and its data for business casing decommission or reinvestment and revitalization.

Stay legally compliant

Ensure assets or full plants are stood down for mandated periods before reuse, and ownership and IP is transferred.