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Getting started

Operator basics: setting up a Project View
Learn how to create a new Project View, and assign a default location to that view in this session.
Operator basics: creating and configuring entities
Watch this video to learn how to create a new Entity Type, how to create a new Entity Menu Item (so that the entities of the new type are viewable in the Navigator), and how to configure an entity so the instance can be created in the Navigator.
Navigator basics: sign in and change the theme
In this video you’ll be shown how to sign in and out of Nextspace Navigator, how to use the Account and Personalization Pane, and how to change the theme.
Navigator basics: the Navigation Widget
This video shows you how to use the Navigation Widget — moving it, tilting, panning, zooming, and resetting the camera.
Navigator basics: Bookmarks
Bookmarks are the focus for this video — learn how to create, edit, delete and organize your Bookmarks.
Navigator basics: Entity Menu and creating new Entities interactively
In this video, we'll show you through Project Views, the Entities Pane in the menu bar, Entity Menus, Authoring Mode for entities, how to create new entities, and how to go about editing entity metadata.
Navigator basics: other menu bar items
In this video, you'll learn about Menu Bar items, such as Entity Relationships, Tools Menu, Watermarks, Debug, Terrain Wireframe, experimental features, Toggle Wireframe, Navigator Info, Version, Links, Account, Admin, Popout, and other key menu items.
Navigator default tools: Map Picker
In this session, learn how to use the Map Picker tool to change the terrain and base map.
Navigator default tools: measuring
You’ll find out all about Navigator measuring tools in this video, including the Point Measure tool, Tool Help, Measure Tool settings, Measure 2D mode, Distance Measuring, area and perimeter measurement, and angle management.
Operator: importing a 3D model from an IFC file
Watch this video to learn about importing and positioning a 3D model from an IFC file as a hierarchy of Nextspace Entities. You’ll learn how to create a tileset of the imported entities, and how to position and orient the tileset relative to the map.
Operator: creating an Entity Menu for a CAD tileset
In this video, you’ll be shown how to create an Entity Menu Item so a CAD tileset can be viewed in the Navigator.
Bookmarks: using markup to add context to a Bookmark
Watch this for information on how to add a Bookmark, add a CAD tileset, activate Markup Mode, and copy markups to other Bookmarks.
Advanced tools: tool activation, selection, and entity visibility
In this video, we show you how to add and remove tools, how to use the Selection tools and view Selection Results, toggle the visibility of entities, save Entity Visibility settings to a Bookmark, and restore the visibility of hidden entities.
Advanced tools: adjusting altitude and using Ground Occlusion Mode
Watch this video to learn how to adjust the altitude of a CAD tileset, and find out more about how Ground Occlusion Mode affects visibility of entities.

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