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Plant & Process

Nextspace offers you a world-leading platform to create digital twins for Plant & Process customers.

Plant & Process facilities can be complex operations, combining multiple types of assets and infrastructure, all with different data types and some with very specialist data systems.

Nextspace’s platform enables you to create a solution from planning to disposal, including the ability to extract data from proprietary systems such as Aveva, Hexagon Smartplant, and Autodesk’s Plant 3D.


Nextspace Showcase: futureproof valuable data for the lifetime of any infrastructure asset.

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Nextspace Showcase: connect digital twins to share asset data and enable preventative maintenance across sites.


3D models three ways—see the same Nextspace data rendered in Cesium, Unreal Engine and Omniverse Create, with each offering different strengths and fidelity.

Create spaces

Nextspace Showcase: create virtual spaces to capture data within any given 3D bounding box.

See performance

Nextspace Showcase: asset performance visualized for team alignment and action.

DPS partner story

The need to integrate and link information in multiple global locations without being locked into a proprietary system led DPS to Nextspace.

GeoTel partner story

GeoTel uses Nextspace to enable their customers to interact more with data, make it relational, and generate a greater depth of reporting.

Higgins partner story

Nextspace helped Higgins access and integrate detailed plant data for easier, faster and more efficient operations.