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Creating data relationships

Mark Thomas, Nextspace CEO and founder talks us through how you create data relationships using the Nextspace platform.
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What are we doing with file formats and databases today, what we're focused on is all the tools that will disassemble files and create that collection of information which is the things that are in this file, the attributes, the visual proxies and then we put that into a database and we store as a set of relationships.

And in fact, interestingly, we don't even necessarily need to store the data itself. It's much more critical if we store the map or the information about where that data is, so this is more about mapping the way that we organize data to be useful at some user level, with information that may exist across many different I.T systems.

That's all valuable information, but it needs to be current and up to date and so we've got to manage how we build that dynamic map back to the appropriate pieces of information so that everyone has the best data, the most current relevant data at their fingertips when they need it.

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