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Data access demo

See how different mouse clicks, hovers and other user actions will surface different parts of an asset's data.
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Each object is an entity with its own data and geometry. It can have many visual representations and levels of detail.

If I hover over the vertical pipe of one of the rectangular tanks, I get a pop-up form that contains a 2D drawing, or I can left-click on the same vertical pipe and it brings up the info view panel and I can see that this pipe has a relationship with something else, which in this case will be the rectangular tank. I can see that there is a schematic drawing attached to this particular asset. I can actually also invoke different actions so, in this case, I'm going to right-click on this cylindrical tank and it opens a pop-up window.

This pop-up window contains a video which I can then play files connected to objects. They can reside within the platform or they can be accessed or streamed from a third-party system such as an external document management system.

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