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Musings - Enhancing a digital twin model

Mark Thomas, Nextspace CEO and founder, discusses how to enhance a digital twin model.
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Another question that comes up is how we might enhance the model we've got. We’ve got BIM information, we've got the LIDAR scan, there's some markup showing you key information about direction and flow of materials, for example. So once we've amalgamated data together we can also use the tool to plan.

So we might want to say we're actually going to put a crane in position there and so we can add that crane and from a library of components and we can look at that crane. We might then want to look at how that crane’s, the operating zone of that, where do we have to actually place safety markers? So at this point we now go okay we can place some safety markers, so let's put them so that they're clearly identifying the zone of safety around this, and we can figure out how many of these we actually need. And so we enter in Safety Council we can actually use it as a visual planning tool.

And again, because it's data, you know every single one of these cones is actually a data model and we can count them, and report on them and plan our rental of equipment.