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File types in a digital twin

Nextspace CEO and founder Mark Thomas talks about data standards and file types.
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People save their model, their design, everything in the file and so it pre-defines the structure.

If we're going to make digital twins which are made up of data from 10, 20, a dozen, 100 different data sources and types we've got to somehow deal with the reality of all these different standards and representations in a digital sense of the real world.

Part of our proposition here is that standards whilst being a wonderful best practice guide, no longer need to be the barrier to connecting data together. We can actually map one standard to another. We've got to deal with the fact that there are historical standards, there are existing standards and there’re likely to be hundreds more yet to be developed.

Our goal is to free up information that is locked in proprietary standards or thinking into a more universal approach for representation of the world.

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