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How easy is Nextspace?

Nextspace CEO and Founder, Mark Thomas talks about how easy the PaaS digital twin platform is to use.
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My job is to make it easy. We applied existing standards again, so for example we bring in BIM files. The simple thing is that we bring them out and we automatically organize them by the type. Their agreed IFC type already defines what we have: doors, windows and so on. We gather it so simply by bringing in a file - we automatically define this data schema or model so it's no more complex than any other file import process, except what we're doing at that point is we're saying ‘let's use this file as our template, as our prototype for the way that we think about a building’.

So we bring in the first one—it's done for you—and next time we bring in one, we can either map it to that standard, or extend that standard, or make a new standard. So it's it's a very automated approach for that.

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