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It doesn't matter if your data is badly structured

Mark Thomas talks us through how the Nextspace platform allows you to bring in all your data and map it, even if it's not in an agreed or final structure.
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Our job is to take a whole lot of disparate thinking and structures and map them to an agreed one.

That's the generalized problem: being able to bring data in that might be not well structured and create some structure out of it. This mapping approach does help us do it, and so this enables you to say ‘in a perfect world we'll apply this standard’ or ‘we'll develop our own standard for how we would like to store our information about our assets’ and ‘now let's go and have a look at all the sources of data that we've got and all the different records’. We'll just diligently pull apart and say ‘well, how do we dissect our existing data and by applying this framework’, or ‘let's find the things that are being talked about’ and once we've figured that out, ‘what are the attributes or what's the information about this thing that's in this file’, and so this tool is a way of mapping what is going to be common across all data formats.

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