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Musings - The advantages of a visual 3D digital twin

Nextspace CEO and founder Mark Thomas details some more advantages of using a visual 3D digital twin.
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Another question that often comes up is what are some of the other advantages and uses of a visual in a 3D twin and certainly one of them is the ability to give you super x-ray vision. We have a lot of infrastructure that's hidden behind walls, it's underground.

Before going to the cost of tearing everything apart just to see it, what if we could actually look at it and analyze it and understand it, before we go digging or before we go tearing walls down?

You can see an example here where we're looking at an underground pipe. Now we can actually see as it relates to the surface of the ground underneath. It’s an entire network of data information - we go down to the manhole we can actually see every component, everything in a digital twin actually has a full database representation. It has its barcode or QR code that can be printed out and placed as a tag on any asset and that provides an in-field direct route back to all the information we have stored about that asset: the link, documents, the information, the current date, or its current pressure from an IoT system, for example. it's a complete model all the way back to a database in this digital twin.

It's not just about the visualization.