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The benefits of bringing data together

Mark Thomas, CEO and founder of Nextspace, talks about the benefits of bringing data together in one place.
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The benefit of bringing this data together in one place is that I have a problem but all my data that helps me solve this problem quickly. It's just not a one bit in multiple systems so when I go to deal with the problem, whether it's a valve or a pump or a hole in a wall or a pothole, there are so many different data systems that may come into play to get the information I need, and currently, they're all disconnected and they're not brought together on a common ontology and understanding. And I'm trawling through paper documents: some PDF things over here, some electronic documents, maybe a 3D model over here.

The amount of time it takes to gather the appropriate information to fix, repair and deal with problems is overwhelming, and has been calculated to cost businesses millions of dollars a year in an asset infrastructure, just in the time it takes for people to find the right data about the right things at the right time.

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