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Why incomplete data is not a bad thing

Mark Thomas, CEO and founder of Nextspace, reassures us that having incomplete data isn't a bad thing, it's actually a great first step.
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To know what you don't have recorded already is a big step. Ff you load your first set of data in and you map it to a standard, or you simply look at it as it is and you start recognizing what you have. You might say, ‘well actually we do have a data standard’, and knowing what you don't know is actually the first step in gathering together your digital twin.

You go ‘well okay maybe we need to have a job that we need to send someone out in the field and measure this value because it is really important to us’, but at least I know where to send them out to get the data from. This asset, this asset and assess it so we can start bringing it up but just the ability to know what you don't have recorded already is a big step.

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