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Rapidly join data silos and create digital twins and virtual data lakes for visualisation, analytics and AI training

Join BIM, CAD, LIDAR, GIS, IoT,  ERP, EAM, and project management systems, documents and data.
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Nextspace is a data-driven ontology management system that is designed to make the creation of digital twins as easy as possible. It does this by amalgamating and unifying data, graphics and documents together around a visual representation in time and space.  

2D, 3D, point cloud, photogrammetry, CAD, BIM, GIS, documents, work orders and asset management data can be brought together, unified, visualized and analyzed in a web browser with no compromise on performance.

Visualise objects in a world geospatial view down to the nut and bolt level with all attributes, document links, relationships, data links, and topology data on the cloud through our specialized process to create fully intelligent editable Cesium Tilesets. 

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Connect digital twins to share asset data and enable preventative maintenance across sites.
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If you’re an Unreal Engine developer, you can now create digital twins with world-leading industrial fidelity. All the data you care about, together in one model, so everyone can decide their best next action.

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