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The platform that enables data-first digital twins

Data-first digital twins built on Nextspace are customizable and extensible. Our platform helps you integrate, federate, and futureproof valuable data.
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Mark Thomas, Nextspace CEO and founder talks us through how you create data relationships using the Nextspace platform.
Build data-first and futureproof your digital twin—there's no need to lock yourself into a visualization option. Watch as our CEO and Founder, Mark Thomas demonstrates.
Explore the new Nextspace Navigator UI and streamlined UX

Nextspace is a cloud-based platform for building, maintaining and visualizing federated, futureproofed digital twins.

It’s simple and adaptable enough that you can begin right now—even if your data is incomplete and you’re still waiting to agree on a new data standard.

See inside your assets, through walls, and even underground. Visualize your data in 2D or 3D with visualization options that include Cesium, Unreal Engine, or NVIDIA Omniverse.

With openness as a key principle, Nextspace is built for today’s technology, and primed for tomorrow’s.

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