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Create your digital twins
on a platform that harmonizes data
and multiple twins. Futureproofed
for the lifecycle of any asset.

Companies that love what we’re doing
Product Update
A Nextspace real-world oil processing plant in NVIDIA Omniverse, with data layered into a specific valve

Nextspace. Plumbing the Omniverse

Notes from a conversation at Nextspace for NVIDIA’s GTC 2022, March 21-24
Epic Games logo on top of a background image of a spaceman

Nextspace awarded Epic Games MegaGrant

A huge shout out to Epic Games for helping us add Unreal Engine as an exceptional 3D digital twin visualization option
The Industrial Metaverse, episode 3

Tools for a more habitable Earth, with Philip Allsopp and Alex Matiyevsky of GeoFusion

Alexander Matiyevsky and Phil Allsopp get together for a chat with David Finnegan about the art and craft of creating digital twins.
Nextspace, past and present

Nextspace: past and present (and what comes next…)

Online journalist Jonathan Cotton caught up with Mark Thomas to chat about Mark's multi-decade journey with 3D and digital twin technology. A journey that has inspired the insights and innovations driving Nextspace today.
CEO Mark Thomas' presentation at the Infrastructure 2022: Looking Ahead Symposium

Nextspace at the Infrastructure 2022: Looking Ahead Symposium

Fletcher Construction digital twin

Nextspace at Techweek: The infrastructure technology highway

Three veterans of innovation and infrastructure technology – Steve Hawkins from Fletcher, Watercare’s Richard McIntosh and Mark Thomas of Nextspace discuss the evolution of digital twin technology and its application to critical infrastructure.
Press Release
Mark Thompson & Scott Gilmour

Nextspace. Next stop. Series A.

Our Chair and CEO comment on the successful close of our go-to-market Convertible Note.
Product Update
Bruce 3D combined with Cesium terrain and map tilesets, all rendered in Unreal Engine

Nextspace + Unreal Engine

A pre-launch glimpse - Real-time streaming of attributed Bruce 3D models combined with Cesium terrain and map tilesets, all rendered in Unreal Engine.
Press Release
Sydney at night time

Nextspace’s Bruce is the digital twin platform of choice for SAP, ARUP, and Deloitte

Industry 4.0 technology leaders create a consortium to help Australia realise its digital twin ambitions.
Product Update
Cloud-agnostic with Kubernetes

Nextspace goes cloud-agnostic with Kubernetes

Now you can choose any cloud provider for your Nextspace models.
The Industrial Metaverse, episode 2

Democratization of data for a better world with Mark Thomas of Nextspace

Mark Thomas continues his chat with Timothy Giles about the Industrial Metaverse, digital twins and data vizualisation for use at all levels of organizations.
The Industrial Metaverse, episode 1

The purpose of the metaverse, with Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas walks Timothy Giles through the outlines, definition and uses of the metaverse in episode 1 of The Industrial Metaverse podcast.
Product Update
Two men in high visibility gear flying a drone

GeoTIFF 3D terrains makes Nextspace a clear choice for drone operators

Fly drones? Welcome to your digital twin platform.
Product Update
A digital twin of a suburb

Nextspace's Virtual Building Envelope module for local Councils and building consent authorities

PoC collaboration with BRANZ and research with planners from Palmerston North City Council (PNCC) and Manawatu District Councils (MDC).
Nextspace + Digital Twins: An article by Andrew Leal

Nextspace + Digital Twins: An article by Andrew Leal

Andrew Leal is a creative technologist based in São Paulo, Brazil with experience across Architecture, Urbanism and Civil Engineering applications of biotechnology. Andrew interviewed Mark Thomas as part of his ongoing interest in technology startups.
NASA's physical twin allowed NASA to perform failed test after failed test to give the astronauts an optimum solution for their one attempt to return to Earth.

The birth of Digital Twins. Retold by Nextspace

The birth of "digital twins" evolved over 40 years. It's still going. 1970: A space flight in jeopardy. 1991: A prescient book. 2002: A university course. 2010: A roadmap for Space.

Digital Transformation of Public Infrastructure

Read the latest whitepaper, developed in conjunction with Arup, Deloitte and SAP

Our technologies unify multiple data types into a single, open standards, data model to help any digital engineer create powerful digital twins

Our platform makes it simpler, faster, and cheaper to create
valuable digital twins than traditional platforms

Create simple twins in minutes or deploy complex features for a fraction of the cost.
3D geo-spatial visualizations of data and a data model for use by specialist
AI-predictive simulations. Protect data and futureproof your digital twins for the lifetime of any asset.

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Open ontology data management approach
A black tick icon
Embraces multiple taxonomies and data standards
A black tick icon
Published API, and GUID-based data structure
A black tick icon
No impact on your source data
A black tick icon
No need to restructure existing databases
A black tick icon
Adaptable to future technologies
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A black tick icon
Visualisation choices include Cesium, Epic’s Unreal Engine and NVIDIA Omniverse
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Preparation for specialist AI simulation and prediction options

Our roadmap

Future product highlights include:

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upgrades on IoT websockets
A black icon of a flag
additional 3D viewers
A black icon of a flag
ISO 15926 implementation
A black icon of a flag
temporal dimension functionality
A black icon of a flag
an updated user interface and improved user experience
A black icon of a flag
the ability to import a wide range of new filetypes—including RVT, IFC, dwg, DXF, Navisworks, Smartplant, and Aveva

Asset Management:
Industry 4.0

Read the digital twins whitepaper
by Nextspace CEO, Mark Thomas