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Who we are

We’re on a journey to deliver the world's best digital twin platform

We believe better data management tools generate more informed decisions, optimizing operations management and eliminating unnecessary waste and unwanted environmental and social impact.

We do this by importing the data that matters most, focusing that data on addressing the questions that matter most. We achieve this by ensuring our platform is data-first and GUID-based.

We have active partners and customers across North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australasia.

We are a data-first platform that makes it easy to create ontological relationships.

We are a data-first platform visualized to provide understanding and the ability to act on the ever-increasing volume and complexity of data generated every day.

We are a data-first platform exported to simulation and predictive analysis to help teams make more informed decisions.

We are

Mark Thomas'
digital twins journey

Industry spotlight:
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Our executive team

Mark Thomas


Mark is our Founder and CEO. A global leader in data interoperability, Mark has more than 30 years’ experience, multiple patents, and has created digital twins for the world’s most complex businesses. More on Mark's journey

Alex Lavrinovich


Alex is our CTO and principal architect of Nextspace. Another patent holder, Alex has 30 years' programming and system software experience.

Paul Shale


Paul heads up the commercial operations of Nextspace. Experience in marketing and high-growth startups in the US, AU, and NZ followed a start in law and accounting.

Scott Gilmour


Scott provides our team with guidance with experience as a founding member and ArchAngel with ICE Angels, as well as his own successful technology startup and career with Intel.

Mark Talbot


Mark Talbot is our CFO. A background in international investment and accounting preceded 15 years helping startups succeed.

Alex Eachus


Alex heads up our Solutions team, training, supporting, and architecting solutions for our partners and their customers. Alex brings deep experience in geospatial mobile work management solutions.