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Our network

We exist to help our partners create powerful digital twins for their customers. Here are some of the companies that have selected Nextspace technologies as their platform of choice.

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With Nextspace as a cloud-based solution, we can make sure the right people have access to all relevant information in one place, on any device, 24/7.
Nick Hoskins, Director Business Development
Digital Plant Specialists
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Nextspace has taken GeoTel to a level not previously seen in the location-based intelligence industry.
Dave Drazen, CEO and Founder
Nextspace is reliable and robust.
The possibilities are endless. It just keeps giving you more.
James Papple, Business Analyst
Visual storytelling with data integrated and working together—one of the biggest advantages operational facilities will have.
Carel Rootman, Technical Vice President
Roadmap coming soon
Nextspace is a ‘monster’ in its capabilities. But what surprised me was how quickly I learned to use it and how easy it was to extract insights from the data.
Michael Manore, Pilot Originator and Lead
This is Stillwater
All stakeholders easily access a holistic and easy-to-understand view from masterplan to the smallest details, all within the context of the urban plan.
Dave Drazen, CEO and Founder

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