GeoTIFF 3D terrains makes Nextspace a clear choice for drone operators

Fly drones? Welcome to your digital twin platform.
Written by
Nextspace team
Published on
January 13, 2022
Two men in high visibility gear flying a drone

We now support the uploading and geolocated Tiff files (GeotiFF) for the creation of detailed terrains in Cesium Tileset format.  There are two processing modes.

  1. Creation of 3D Terrain mesh tiles
  2. Creation of 2D image map tiles.

The two can be combined to created highly detailed 3D models of survey or work in progress. Typical source for such files are a wide variety of online data sources, drone and terrestrial LIDAR, and photogrammetry capture systems.

This gives drone operators the ability to create high performance, open format data for integration with our digital twin platform - allowing easy and cost-effective sharing, viewing, and storytelling all from any web browser connected to the internet.

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