The convergence of digital and physical worlds with Paul Doherty from TDG

Paul Doherty talks with Doug Thompson about transforming the world of business to be as engaging as the virtual experience of gaming.
Written by
Nextspace team
Published on
May 21, 2022
The Industrial Metaverse, episode 4.

Can Minecraft, Roblox and Fortnite teach business about virtual user experience in the next decades? 

Should the planners of virtual worlds learn from the great masters of architecture? 

Paul Doherty—Chairman and CEO of TDG—thinks it's imperative that virtual and physical worlds overlap, and that business leaders need to transform the world of business to be as engaging as the virtual experience of gaming in order to tap into and capture the creativity of the next generation. He walks Doug Thompson through a digital Fifth Avenue and reflects on Epic Games' massively profitable fashion arm.

Paul Doherty (AIA, IFMA Fellow, DFC Senior Fellow) is Chairman and CEO of The Digit Group, a globally renowned and award-winning  architect who is one of the world’s most sought after thought leaders, strategists and integrators of process, technology, and business.  As seen on Bloomberg TV, acknowledged by CNBC as one of America's Business Titans and reported by Forbes as “Changing  the World”, Paul is a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council and a  Fellow of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).  Paul's current work is as Chairman of TDG  Global Ventures, a Smart City real estate development company that provides financing,  design-build and innovative technology solutions around the world.  TDG Global Ventures are also considered  industry leaders in Digital Twin/Virtual Worlds/Metaverse development along with their worldwide recognition as leaders in industrial NFT and Blockchain solutions. Concurrently, Paul is the co-founder and producer of the critically acclaimed AEC Hackathon that launched at Facebook Headquarters. His past successful ventures include Revit Technologies (Sold to Autodesk 2002), Buzzsaw (Autodesk 2001) and TRIRIGA (IBM 2011).  

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