NVIDIA invests in Nextspace

It’s time to leverage the visualization fidelity and AI ecosystem of NVIDIA’s Omniverse, and the real-world traceability of Nextspace’s GUID management platform.
Written by
Nextspace team
Published on
August 12, 2022
Your gateway to the Industrial Omniverse

NVIDIA’s investment in Nextspace evidences a partnership committed to opening up NVIDIA’s Omniverse to the data required by industrial digital twins. 

Both organizations are looking to build tools for empowering others to create virtual worlds to benefit our real world. Combining NVIDIA’s focus on visualization and AI simulation with Nextspace’s interoperable data platform provides the underlying data structure needed for the full potential of virtual worlds to be realized. The collaboration will change the game for NVIDIA and Nextspace partners globally.

Powerful real-time AI processing of organized data will enable breakthrough complex real-time digital twin simulations. Almost instant pattern recognition across federated assets will predict and prevent operational failures and help optimize systems and processes. The ability to process millions of simulations will determine potential outcomes and recommend optimum actions.
Realizing this vision requires organized, relevant, and structured data. The better structured data is to start with, the more valuable it is for AI and simulation applications. This has been a difficult and expensive hurdle that nearly every digital twin, ML, and AI project has faced.

Mark Thomas, Founder and CEO of Nextspace


What’s in the works

Nextspace is re-introducing globally unique IDs (GUIDs) to the open-source Universal Scene Description (USD) platform that NIVIDIA Omniverse is built on, bringing real-world precision and asset tracking into USD and Omniverse workflows. The result: mapping of individually unique items in the real world will remain “true” in virtual worlds.


GUID-enabled USD in Omniverse unlocks the ability to deeply link the real world with the digital twin. With Nextspace’s GUID-enabled traceability, we can bring dynamic operational data from individual assets in and out of Omniverse — opening up a new world of digital twin applications that use all of NVIDIA’s AI and accelerating computing stack.

Rev Lebaredian, Vice President of Omniverse and Simulation Technology at NVIDIA 


Yours—very soon

Nextspace’s data interoperability platform is in beta testing and due for release in September 22 through NVIDIA Omniverse Connector — a portal for asset, business, engineering, design, manufacturing, and finance data to be brought into Omniverse. 


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