Nextspace awarded Epic Games MegaGrant

A huge shout out to Epic Games for helping us add Unreal Engine as an exceptional 3D digital twin visualization option
Written by
Paul Shale
Published on
January 15, 2022
Epic Games logo on top of a background image of a spaceman

More good news to share with our partners and community.

In 2021 we applied for an Epic Games MegaGrant to help us add Unreal Engine as a state-of-the-art visualization for Nextspace Industry 4.0 digital twins.

We might not be Fortnite, Rocket League, Grand Theft Auto or NBA2K21 but Epic clearly get the power of visualized data and supporting our quest.

We knew we’d align after we read this article, Epic’s David Weir-McCall quoted as saying—

We wholeheartedly agree.

Beyond the grant itself, Unreal Engine will provide Nextspace digital twins with exceptional visual quality, including browser-based functionality through their Pixel Streaming service.

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