Sooner than you thought. Nextspace brings you The Industrial Metaverse

On a mission to democratize digital twins, we’re igniting the conversations that need to happen.
Written by
Nextspace team
Published on
January 15, 2022
The Industrial Metaverse logo on a gradient background

Our mission is to enable the industrial metaverse by democratizing the digital twin industry.

Where the benefits of digital twins used to be the exclusive domain of NASA and those with NASA budgets, Nextspace technologies allow any digital engineer to create a powerful digital twin.

We believe the accessibility, affordability, and extensibility enabled with Nextspace digital twins is required to help computers and humans work better together.

So why a podcast series, why do we believe conversations help?

When two or more experts get together, they chat. Very quickly, superficialities pass and they get to the nub of it. And when they do, lightbulbs flash. Our industry’s transformation needs many such moments - so we’re funding the first conversations.

We hope you enjoy this first discussion.

Two men talking at an outside podcast
Here’s the host of our first two podcasts Timothy Giles, with our CEO Mark Thomas (right).

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