The Omniverse – and the future of our virtual worlds with Rev Lebaredian of NVIDIA and Mark Thomas of Nextspace

A chat between two legends in the world of 3D visualization and data: Rev Lebaredian and Mark Thomas.
Written by
Nextspace team
Published on
August 11, 2022
The Omniverse – and the future of our virtual worlds with Rev Lebaredian of NVIDIA and Mark Thomas of Nextspace

Rev is a global leader across visual effects, movies, 3D visualization and career with NVIDIA. Mark’s journey began in engineering but rapidly moved into innovation across CAD, 3D graphics, and digital twins. The two innovators met whilst working on their own startup companies two decades ago and now with NVIDIA investing in Nextspace their paths have come together again.

Join them as they discuss the industrial metaverse, the Omniverse, digital twins, visualization simulation, federated data systems, and building our future AI-enabled virtual world.

Rev Lebaredian is Vice President of Omniverse and Simulation Technology at NVIDIA, where he leads the Omniverse product, engineering, and research teams. From the dawn of the computer graphics revolution to the present day, Lebaredian has always been at its cutting edge. 

For the last five years at NVIDIA, Lebaredian and his teams have been combining the rendering, physics simulation, and AI technologies pioneered by NVIDIA into a single platform for creating and simulating physically accurate virtual worlds: NVIDIA Omniverse. 

Prior to NVIDIA, Lebaredian spent his career in Warner Brothers Digital, Disney Dream Quest Images and his own venture, Steamboat Software.

Mark Thomas is the founder and CEO of Nextspace. A global leader in data interoperability, Mark has over 30 years’ experience, multiple patents, and has created digital twins for the world’s most complex businesses.

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