Tools for a more habitable Earth, with Philip Allsopp and Alex Matiyevsky of GeoFusion

Alexander Matiyevsky and Phil Allsopp get together for a chat with David Finnegan about the art and craft of creating digital twins.
Written by
Nextspace team
Published on
May 2, 2022
The Industrial Metaverse, episode 3

In this episode of The Industrial Metaverse podcast, David Finnegan speaks with Alexander Matiyevsky and Phil Allsopp from GeoFusion about the art and craft of creating digital twins. Are digital twins a kind of scientific model? If so, what does that tell us about the relationship between scientific research and the Metaverse?

Alex Matiyevsky is the founder and CEO of GeoFusion. He runs GeoFusion business operations and its software development process. His career-long experience developing advanced visualization systems for public and private sector customers equips him to bring valuable insights to new product development. An expert-level Software Architect with over three decades of experience in software engineering and project management, Alex guides customers' strategic development pipelines. Prior to co-founding GeoFusion, Alex served as Vice President of Technology at Axios Data Analysis Systems Corporation, Technical Lead at the United States Naval Research Laboratory, and Technical Director at Mississippi State University’s Center for Air Sea Technology at NASA Stennis Space Center.

Philip Allsopp is the CEO of GeoFusion Inc, the developer of the industry-leading 3D geospatial software platform bringing the art and science of 3D visualization to big data, analytics and simulations that encompass space exploration, aerospace and high resolution 3D urban infrastructure. Phil is also a Senior Scientist with Arizona State University’s Global Futures Laboratory where his work and research is on improving the spatial DNA of human habitats to address ballooning ecological, social, and economic crises arising from urban growth and accelerating climate change. Phil has been a keynote speaker on topics of healthy cities, smart cities, and designing urban infrastructure for wellbeing and health – “architecture as a public health endeavor”. His diverse career in the UK & US has spanned government service and the fields of 3D Software applications (BIM + GIS), architecture, public health, system dynamics & management consulting. Phil’s prior leadership roles include practice directorships at Electronic Data Systems, A.T. Kearney, and Perkins & Will, and CEO roles in the US health insurance industry and with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation based at Taliesin West in Scottsdale. Phil is a Chartered Members of Britain’s Royal Institute of British Architects, and he and his wife Lauren, and their border collie, Jack live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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