Nextspace pricing

With a Nextspace subscription, pay for usage not users

Pay only for the ‘things’ (Entities) you upload so your costs align with your project’s value. Usage billing is monthly.
Access to one production account with unlimited users so you can share your work with the world.
Additional production accounts are available for a set-up fee.
Full access to the Nextspace digital twin platform and all its functionality.
Choose from a range of rich Nextspace visualization options, including CesiumJS, Omniverse™ (NVIDIA) and Unreal Engine (Epic Games).
Access to our Resources Portal, which includes training videos, industry use case demonstrations, how-to content, API access and support, sales collateral, and more.
Use our cloud or yours.
An additional setup and support fee may apply.


How is usage measured?
Your usage is measured by the number of Entities in your account, or the total data used, each month.
What are entities?
An Entity is any ‘thing’ with a unique data record. For example, a single apple might be an Entity.
Entity information panel for a green Granny Smith apple
This apple might sit alongside another apple, which might be a separate, second Entity.
Entity information panel for a red Pink Lady apple
And even a third apple.
Entity information panel for a red Pink Lady apple
Imported into your Nextspace account, you would now have three Entities.
How to forecast Entities?
Every digital twin model has a unique structure of entities, relevant to the purpose and utility of that twin. They increase and decrease and only become predictable for your specific twin over time. It’s why we use price bands of Entities rather than charging you for every single one.
Below are some ranges from past projects as a guide to help you forecast the Entity size of your digital twin:
  • A residential house
    1 to 1,000 entities
  • A commercial building
    1,000 to 5,000 entities
  • A public venue
    5,000 to 15,000 entities
  • A mid-sized processing plant
    200,000 to 1,000,000 entities
Have more questions?
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