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  • Create rich 3D geospatial scenes
  • Add basemaps and terrain
  • Share your projects with anyone
  • Cesium and Unreal viewers


How is usage measured?
Your usage is measured by the number of Entities in your account or the total data used, each month.
What are entities?
An Entity is any 'thing' in your Digital Twin with a unique data record
Example: The pump shown has its own entity record with an id that is different to the pumps next to it
A pump has many parts that are visible in the digital twin, but not all of these parts have to be entities
In the example above, only the entire pump has an entity record. The consequence of this choice is that none of the individual parts can be independently clicked, searched or styled.
You decide which things are referenceable in your Digital Twin. For a thing to be clickable, there must be an Entity record for it
Changing the number of uniquely identifiable things in your digital twin has an impact on cost
The key to making the right choice is based on what you will use your digital twin for
Will you be using your digital twin to reference a pump in a work order where you state something like ‘service this pump’ ? In this case the pump level entity is granular enough. Or perhaps you will you be issuing work orders that highlight a part of a pump e.g. replace the Motor Housing Seal ABC on Pump 123. In this case you may need to make more parts of the pump entities
A good way to think about the granularity of entities you need in your Digital Twin is to think about what you might expect someone else to search for
If you don’t expect people to search for ‘all occurrences of Motor Housing seal type 2022b’ then you probably only need an entity representation of the pump and not its parts
How to forecast Entities?
Every digital twin model has a unique structure of entities that is relevant to the purpose and utility of that twin. They may increase and decrease and only become predictable for your specific twin over time. It’s why we use price bands of Entities rather than charging you for every single one.
Below are some ranges from past projects as a guide to help you forecast the Entity size of your digital twin:
  • A residential house
    1 to 1,000 entities
  • A commercial building
    1,000 to 5,000 entities
  • A public venue
    5,000 to 15,000 entities
  • A mid-sized processing plant
    200,000 to 1,000,000 entities
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