Brains and beauty with NVIDIA Omniverse™

Live engineering, business and asset data.
Delivered by Nextspace.
New to NVIDIA Omniverse.
GUID-enabled USD in Omniverse unlocks the ability to deeply link the real world with the digital twin. With Nextspace’s GUID-enabled traceability, we can bring dynamic operational data from individual assets in and out of Omniverse — opening up a new world of digital twin applications that use all of NVIDIA’s AI and accelerating computing stack.
Rev Lebaredian, Vice President of Omniverse and Simulation Technology at NVIDIA
Rev Lebaredian
Vice President of Omniverse and Simulation Technology at NVIDIA

Brains and beauty

Don’t be limited by the choice between a visually stunning digital twin, and a data-rich one. Build and maintain beautiful, best-in-class industrial metaverse twins with Nextspace’s Omniverse extensions.
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Use any business and engineering data type and schema structures
In Omniverse, easily manage and share: CAD structures, BIM, GIS and other geometry & data sources and materials for large complex models
Connect documents, media and external business and engineering data connections to USD models, and keep updating as needs, data types and standards change

Stunning models
with deep data

View and navigate all connected data and documents in Omniverse
Automatically assign materials by model component attributes to USD models from GIS, BIM, CAD and other data or business information sources
Add full database management, search, and reporting capabilities to USD models
Make N-dimensional relationships between components to meet the need of AI and simulation solutions in the Omniverse ecosystem

Get right down to the details

See all associated documentation and data at every level of the model
Search and view model components by any associated engineering or business attribute data
Manage USD model updates at a component level with Nextspace’s Global Unique ID (GUID) management system for USD
View models in a full geospatial and temporal context in Nextspace Navigator
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Synchronize data updates
to your model

See data updates from multiple sources of truth in engineering, business, and otherIT systems and networks
Synchronize data, documents and models between Nextspace Web Navigator and Omniverse apps, and Epic Unreal

Ready to get started?

Head to our setup guide for step-by-step help getting your Nextspace digital twin into NVIDIA Omniverse.