Technical specifications

XMpLant is a data interchange tool with interfaces to major plant and process design systems.


XMpLant makes it possible to cost efficiently access and interpret your CAD data and create a fully compliant ISO 15926 or IFC data repository.
XMpLant allows interoperability between ISO 15926 for engineering design and ISO 16739 (IFC) for BIM.
XMpLant can convert spreadsheets into a structured XML file using the classes of ISO 15926-4.
XMpLant supports the full structure, attributes and geometry of schematics and 3D models.
The recently released v9 of XMpLant remains the premier solution for the translation of 3D Plant and Process data from systems such as Aveva PDMS and Hexagon PDS to the open ISO 15926 format and beyond.
XMpLant provides a complete geometry and data translation for both 3D and 2D P&ID data.
ISO 16739 IFC / BIM XMpLant uses the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) semantic model to bring building and construction data to life.


XMpLant converts unstructured and ‘dumb’ data into intelligent asset information that may be managed for value through the design, build and operate lifecycle.
XMpLant also facilitates data conversion between standards such as ISO 15926 and Building Information Models via the IFC ISO 16739 standard.
XMpLant's extractors and adaptors facilitate ISO 15926 compliant data exchange for interactive and intelligent 3D modelling of your plant and equipment.

Read & Write Extractors

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Hexagon Intergraph
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Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
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