Seamlessly consolidate data systems

XMpLant is the world’s leading application for translating complex plant data to and from the open ISO 15926 standard.

XMpLant can translate data from CAD design systems—AVEVA's PDMS and Hexagon's PDS, for example—and transfer the information to other enterprise systems such as GIS, ERP, work/asset management or Nextspace's Digital Twin platform.
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ISO 15926 interoperability

ISO 15926: Industrial automation systems and integration. Integration of lifecycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities.

XMpLant provides interoperability between ISO 15926 for engineering design and ISO 16739 (IFC) for BIM
​XMpLant can convert ‘spreadsheets’ into a structured XML file using the classes of ISO 15926-4
​XMpLant supports the full structure, attributes and geometry of schematics and 3D models
XMpLant provides a complete geometry and data translation for both 3D and 2D P&D data
ISO 16739 IFC / BIM XMpLant uses the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) semantic model to bring building and construction data to life

Integration with Nextspace

XMpLant integrates with Nextspace to create a complete model of Process & Plant including live data feeds from SCADA and sensors, providing data from multiple facilities in a single web-based user interface.

Trusted, around the world

XMpLant is trusted by world leaders in Plant & Process industries—delivering a cost-effective, reliable and open standards technology to extract valuable data from their operations.
US Department of Energy
Hindustan Shipyard
Alcan Alumina
Shell Nanhai
BP Angola
Woodside Energy

Priced to deliver value

XMpLant licenses are priced for each unique client.

Please get in touch to discuss the package that’s right for you.

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