A premier data & visual experience

Unreal Engine visualization brings business information to life
With Nextspace’s Unreal Engine integration, digital twins will get exceptional visual quality with live data updating the experience in real-time—this is another step in helping a range of industries better address operational, infrastructure and planning challenges
— Ken Pimentel, Architecture Industry Manager, Epic Games
Powerful visual fidelity, and complex interactive experiences
Experience your digital twin model with the full visual power of Epic’s Unreal Engine and the intelligence and structure of Nextspace’s data unification platform.
Our platform’s asset data management brings attributes, relationships, documents, links and source data to Unreal Engine allows you to create accurate, detailed and geospatial real-world 3D tilesets, using the data standards that work for you.
Configure data schema and build geospatial Cesium tilesets with Unreal Engine rendering overlaid.
Live data to update your model in real-time
Locate your business or engineering data in space and time, and update it with in-built tools.
Customise any entity with documents, links or media; and see through walls and objects with a click.
See it all 24/7 on Nextspace’s cloud-based platform. Stunning visuals for faster, better decisions.