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Demo - Access Live Data

See how you can view the data relating to multiple entities inside your digital twin.
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Once the raw bitumen is offloaded from a vessel, it's stored in two tanks at the port. We can click on any of these tanks to get some more information: the height dimensions, capacity, any images related to the tanks, another view of the same two storage tanks at the port. This time we can see inside the tanks. We can see the volume of raw bitumen in both tanks if we left-click. On the left tank, we can get the info view panel. We see the current level is six. If we change that to a lower or higher number, we will see the tank volume change, and as you can see, the tank level reduces. This can be based on live data coming in from sensors on the tank, so this may fluctuate during the day as the tank is filled up or emptied.

If we right-click on another tank we get a pop-up window. It's got a dashboard and live data might be feeding into this dashboard with information about the storage levels, about average inventory level, when the next shipment's coming in, and when the next tanker is going to arrive.

We provide various tools in the platform to create these kinds of pop-up forms and dashboards, and—coming soon—more advanced tools to actually create chart-based dashboards.