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Help yourself to our free whitepapers on digital twins, asset management and infrastructure.

Digital Transformation of Public Infrastructure

Read the latest whitepaper, developed in conjunction with Arup, Deloitte, Nextspace, and SAP

Asset Management: Industry 4.0

Read the digital twins whitepaper by Nextspace CEO, Mark Thomas

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Mark Thomas, Nextspace CEO and Founder

Musings with Mark Thomas

Our Founder and CEO gives his thoughts on a whole range of digital twins questions we've been asked.
Press Release
Screenshot from video. Software thinks in seconds.

Software thinks in seconds. Digital twin platforms should last for centuries.

Nextspace is a platform that futureproofs the digital twins you make, dealing with the inevitability of incremental complexity created by time
Three visualization options for Nextspace digital twins.

Why there's no need to lock yourself into a single visualization option

Build data-first and futureproof your digital twin.

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