Turn your 2D diagrams into 3D entities

The new Nextspace ‘hotspotting’ feature means organizations can quickly and easily add legacy 2D documents and link them to digital twin entities.
Written by
Stephen Thomas
Published on
September 27, 2022
Hotspotting turns your 2D diagrams into 3D entities

This new feature provides all users access to technical drawings and diagrams, including P&ID, isometric drawings and as-built vs. plans, all linked to the 3D model entities in the digital twin.

Hotspotting works by combining the 2D documents and ‘HIT’ files for these documents.  The HIT files contain key IDs for objects in drawings—such as reference numbers or unique IDs—and their coordinates on the document.  Nextspace reads these HIT files and uses the key to link the files to entities (models) in the digital twin.


Vital legacy data can now be accessed from within digital twins using hotspotting, democratizing data and delivering detailed planning material in their original formats with no loss of detail.

Stephen Thomas, Solutions Engineer


With hotspotting:

-       Swiftly catalog a large number of value attributes for each entity, derived from the legacy plans (they just need to be scanned into pdf or .svg form)

-       Cross-reference between entities with a much richer library of reference types based on a value in the attribute data.

-       Reference the 2D documents based on attributes of each entity

-       Access each entity from a large number of attribute values

-       Attach multiple documents to a single entity and benefit from a web of interrelated documents.


Partners and customers – you can find hotspotting training videos in our Resources portal.

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