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Musings - What to do with a digital twin once it's built

Nextspace CEO and founder Mark Thomas details what to do with a digital twin once it's been built.
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What we do with the digital twin once we have it? Certainly one of the important aspects is the data.

The digital twin is going to change over time, and so we're treating the visual twin as a user interface for information about what might be going on in finance, or what's going on in engineering design, or issues and so forth. And the ability to quickly compare and send it out.

So we have context for data - an example it's been colorized by project stage and so we can all see very clearly that this is going to be done at stage one. Stage two now the same bridge, we can style it in a different way, so same bridge, same digital twin but instead of stylizing it based on the stage of completion, we're actually stylizing it based on budget information so we can say oh that's over budget and we can look and see 'ah yeah it's part of the over budget'.

So it's a highly visual way to see something that in a spreadsheet is not apparent what that's actually related to.

So that's one way of interacting with the digital twin is using visualization as a much more comprehensive, much more human, and understandable way of seeing data that you would otherwise have to interpret from a spreadsheet, a written document or a 2D complex cave drawing.

We're now able to see our data in a context that's much more like how we would experience it in the real world, but it’s kind of like having superpowers. We can actually colorize our world based on critical information and draw highlights to it.

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