Democratization of data for a better world with Mark Thomas of Nextspace

Mark Thomas continues his chat with Timothy Giles about the Industrial Metaverse, digital twins and data vizualisation for use at all levels of organizations.
Written by
Nextspace team
Published on
January 15, 2022
The Industrial Metaverse, episode 2

In episode 2 of The Industrial Metaverse podcast, Mark Thomas asserts that digital twins bring a democratization of data for business leaders and company directors, ending the excuse of technological illiteracy. The upshot? Safer, better, more accountable companies.

Mark Thomas is the founder and CEO of Nextspace. A global leader in data interoperability, Mark has over 30 years’ experience, multiple patents, and has created digital twins for the world’s most complex businesses.

See Mark's white paper mentioned by Timothy Giles, here.

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