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Health & safety demo

See how your digital twin can be used for health and safety.
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In this bookmark, the focus is on health and safety, so the user is less interested in asset and work management and asset management.

We can highlight and bring to the foreground any information relating to health and safety assets and associated data. The use cases apply across multiple applications.

Wayfinding, for example - especially for emergencies. Spatial awareness for new employees, remote training and information gathering on safety equipment. We could find out when this object was last inspected and when the new next inspection is due. The same asset can have multiple visual representations. Each visual representation can have multiple levels of detail. One type of user may need a simple 3D model. Another may need a more detailed 3D model for the same asset and another user may need a level of detail that is absolutely unique to their particular use case.

If we remove this ‘level of detail’ view of the pump, and exchange it for a different view, we can see this is relative to a health and safety application, and depending on your use case or what the user needs to get access to, you can switch on and off different views of the same pump with different levels of detail.

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